Casino Movie Ocean’s 11 Showed Me How Fun Casinos Can Be

To my shame, I have to admit that Ocean’s 11 was the first modern casino movie that I have ever seen. Prior to watching that, I have watched older movies that featured casinos, and they all portrayed some kind of bad feature or another. But after watching the new Ocean’s 11 (it’s actually a remake after the 1960 movie that goes by the same name and featured names like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin), my entire point of view on casinos changed radically. The glamorous lifestyle depicted in the movie appealed to me, as it was presented in a way that made me think anyone could benefit from it. - wonderful vages


The entire plot of the movie revolves around George Clooney’s character Danny Ocean putting together a highly skilled group that could be able to rob three of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas at the same time. The basic concept may not be all that new, but the way in which they put it on screen was nothing but pure awesomeness. The pace of the movie is actually quite fast, but without making the action seem rushed. It will make your heart beat faster, have you laughing out loud and render you dumbstruck by the amazing Las Vegas scenery at the same time.



On first impression, I think that any gambling man with a taste for action flicks should see this movie. The cast includes big names, like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Don Cheadle, who are all excellent in their roles and make you feel connected to the characters. Seeing these characters in those Vegas casinos actually made me want to go there, for the first time in my life.

I’m sure that other movies have depicted casinos in a similar way but, to me, this was a first. There I was, looking at a movie that showed casinos can be nothing but great fun for an honest man. There were no mobsters to kill you if you were winning too much and no undercover FBI agents lurking after every corner. In the background, I could see people playing the slots and having a jolly good time while at it. Until then, the only depictions of slots players I had involved them being completely obsessed and addicted to playing.

There is also a bit of a vengeance subplot, but I was focused on the part of getting rich fast, and how casinos play such a big part in the concept. What I found a bit funny was the idea that the only way to get filthy rich in a casino is to rob it blind. - gray and gold vault


Well, that and waiting for that perfect hand, betting big and taking the house, as Clooney says in the movie. Right after I saw this movie, I decided I should take my first trip to Las Vegas. I saw the fountains of Bellagio and acquired a taste for gambling that helped me discover new ways to win money and have fun at the same time.