Why Do Social Slots Do Better Than The Video Slots?

In recent years, social slots have evolved and it’s moving closer to video slots. It gets bigger and bigger every year. In the year 2015, Playtika revenue was $240 million and a Chinese consortium purchased it for $4.4 billion.

This move may seem ridiculous to you since video slots are played with real money whereas social slots are played for free. Bear in mind that these are facts are strongly backed by real evidence.

The major difference is that the companies who focus on social slots have applied a lot of things that the video slot providers ignored. Today we are going to talk about social slot huge growth and how it is able to get close to video slots every year.

Social Internet gaming experience is awesome from a player’s point of view, video slots are amazing and are regarded as a serious venture where real money comes into play whereas the social slot internet games are regarded to be fun-filled.

A lot of questionnaires back these assertions likewise the attitude of the player.
It’s rare to see an outraged social slot player compared to the video slot players. A lot of folks love the social online games due to its amazing graphics, music and sound, animation and gamification elements which enhance the gaming experience of the players.

Players have the opportunity to choose their RTP (return to player policy) in Social Slots
Just so you know, popular social slots usually have difficult RTP on their slots. The RTP never goes beyond 100%, and sometimes it rarely gets to 97%. Furthermore, social slot games are not intended to possess a single shot. If you look at the social slots wholistically, you will discover that it offers its players hourly bonuses, daily bonuses, gifts and perks.

Moving on, several social slots possess a mechanism where a player can change his/her bet of the RTP to whatever they like. Thus offering the player more control and engaging him/her to enjoy the game for a longer period by throwing in smaller stakes or move up quickly via a lowered RTP.

Social Slot Research

A lot of social slot companies invest in numerous research which enables them to learn more about the behavior of their players. Through research, they learn the everyday habits of their players. Also, they carry out numerous A/B split testing for factors which include pop-ups, game mathematics, graphics and marketing.

Most of the slot games available rely so much on math prototypes that were long established via A/B tests since it has been proven to increase player retention and income. Furthermore, similar tests were used to create vast economies that improved monetization by above 50%.

Compared to social slot companies, the video slot companies don’t believe so much in research, they believe in their gut feeling and make decision-based on what their gut is telling them instead of using well-researched data.

Gamification Has Been Added To Free Online Social Games for Adults

Gamification has added a lot of features to online social adult games. For instance, social slot now enables players to unlock bonuses, new games, and invite people to play and earn rewards etc. All these features are the reason players always come back for more and also why new players find it attractive.
Meanwhile, video slots refuse to evolve and take advantage of available gaming knowledge via gamification. They have been static with their business model with no new input being introduced to attract new gamers. This is the reason their profit margin has refused to rise.


Social Slot Games Evolve Quickly

Social slot gaming companies release new games monthly. This occurs because they have done their research and understand that new games attract new players and it enables them to retain their old gamers who might already be bored with the old games available online.

Making new games is easy for social slot gaming companies because the CEO’s of social slot gaming companies have game programmers on their payroll who have been given the freedom to create games for them.

Video slot companies, however, are progressing backward. They don’t have programmers on their payroll, so the making of a game could take months before it gets released. The major problem video slot companies are having is that they have employed the round peg in square holes which is why there is no progress in their establishment.

Final Thoughts

The reason social slot has grown and is still growing is due to their research and improvement strategy which is paying off and is the bedrock of where they stand presently.

Video slot companies, on the other hand, are finding it difficult to take advantage of the current trends in the gaming industry due to their lazy lackadaisical attitude, they have failed in enhancing the gaming experience of their users, therefore making their platform to be second best to social slot online gaming industry.

The question on everyone’s mind is if video slot will try to change its modus operandi and emulate a huge bulk of new trends that social slot is currently practicing, we’ll have to wait to find out.

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